Water Authority Actions Support Salton Sea

Water-Authority-Actions-Support-Salton-SeaThe San Diego County Water Authority has been an advocate for the Salton Sea since the signing of the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) in 2003 and supports the newest effort by Gov. Jerry Brown who in his May revised budget included the creation of a task force to review restoration at the State’s largest inland lake.per year, roughly a million gallons per day, enough to serve 400,000 households per year.

Given the current discussion regarding the future of the Sea, the Water Authority wants to make it clear that from the outset it has worked with its QSA partners to lobby for the Sea and that continues to be the case. Attention is now focused where it should be—on finding a feasible restoration option based on anticipated available water to the Sea—then working with the State to meet its restoration responsibilities as established in Legislation. Specifically, lobbying efforts are underway to ensure the Salton Sea is awarded a fair share of $475 million in Proposition 1 funding.