Water Authority Extends Key Agreement For Ten Years; A Move That Supports The Water Transfer with IID

Pictured is the San Diego County Water Authority’s headquarters in Kearny Mesa where the Water Authority Board voted Thursday, Dec. 7, to extend a key agreement with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for the conveyance of conserved transfer water.

In a unanimous decision that upholds the Water Transfer Agreement between the San Diego County Water Authority and the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) through 2047, the Water Authority Board of Directors on Thursday, Dec. 7, extended a key agreement for the conveyance of the conserved transfer water. The action represents a critical milestone in the water transfer and the Quantification Settlement Agreement, ensuring the continuation of a reliable water supply to the San Diego region and the funding to IID that supports the district’s conservation program.

At issue was the Exchange Agreement between the Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). When IID

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Dean Ponce Wants To See SDSU, Imperial Valley Grow Along With The Community

Gregorio A. Ponce, Dean of San Diego State University, Imperial Valley, is pictured on the university’s Calexico campus. Ponce, who was named interim Dean in 2015 and in March 2017 was officially named to the permanent position, has announced a new initiative to bring growth to the local institution, which has two campuses–in Calexico and Brawley.

On Thanksgiving, Dr. Gregorio A. Ponce, Dean of San Diego State University, Imperial Valley, ran an advertisement in the local newspaper thanking his Calexico elementary, middle school and high school teachers, the staff and administrators for their guidance.

He thanked all 60 of them—all by name.

He included a picture of himself in the ad as he graduated from Calexico High School in 1981—beginning a journey that would lead him to the top post of the local branch of San Diego State University.

Just as his parents, Gregorio

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