Website for Carlsbad Desalination Plant

A site dedicated to an overview of the Claude “Bud” Lewis Desalination Plant built through a water purchase agreement between the San Diego County Water Authority and the project developer and operator, Poseidon Water.

Quantification Settlement Agreement

A summary of the Quantification Settlement Agreement, the tool by which California has lived within its 4.4 million acre-feet allotment of Colorado River Supply.


The landmark agreements that have reduced California’s use of the Colorado River to its 4.4 million acre-feet allotment through an unprecedented water conservation and transfer program.

The Revised Fourth Amendment

This amendment to the QSA established the parameters upon which mitigation water would be set aside for the Salton Sea for a fifteen year period through a fallowing program as a way to maintain the natural shoreline of the sea, notwithstanding the effects of other factors that could reduce inflows to the Sea.

Fifth Amendment

This amendment established a new rate payment for conserved water, establishing that the cost of conserved water would reach $694 an acre-foot with rate considerations beyond that mark to change based on an inflation index.