Water Authority Board Approves Next Phase of Regional Water Conveyance System Study

The Colorado River Aqueduct is shown in this photograph. Currently, the San Diego County Water Authority receives its Quantification Settlement Agreement water supplies through the aqueduct. However, the Water Authority is undertaking a Regional Conveyance System Study to explore whether it would be more cost effective and provide mutual benefits throughout California’s Southwest to build a direct conveyance system between Imperial and San Diego counties. On Thursday, November 19, the Water Authority approved moving forward with Phase B of the study.

The San Diego County Water Authority’s Board of Directors on Thursday, November 19, authorized staff to launch the next phase of a study assessing options for long-term water deliveries to sustain the region’s safe and reliable Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA) supplies, initiating a phase that will further develop how the proposed project would benefit not only San Diego County, but other stakeholders throughout the Southwest.

The decision follows

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