Challenges on the Near Horizon for the Colorado River System

An aerial image of the Hoover Dam. Water levels at Lake Mead continue to hover at historic low levels and concern is a shortage declaration could come as early as 2020.

As those who follow Colorado River issues are likely aware, the Bureau of Reclamation has released its August figures on the possibility of a shortage declaration at Lake Mead, and the news is not good but it’s not devastating. First off, no shortage declaration is coming for 2019. You may recall that back in 2016 and 2017, the numbers indicated a shortage was likely as early as this year and in 2019—and that did not come to pass, largely thanks to nature and to the ongoing efforts of those who depend on the river for all or a portion of their water supply. However, this past year nature did not cooperate. The seasons were

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Answering The Call To Help the State—That’s What Imperial Valley firefighters Do Every Year

Holtville Fire Chief Alex Silva (left) and Imperial County Fire Battalion Chief Angel Morales are pictured next to a Holtville Fire brush truck and county fire vehicle. The brush truck was used to help fight the Mendocino Complex Wildfire. Brush trucks have become a critical tool to reaching rugged terrain in the battle to stop raging brush fires.

When two Northern California wildfires joined to become a massive inferno known as the Mendocino Complex Fire, the largest wildfire in California’s history, thousands of firefighters from throughout the state joined in the fight to stop the blaze and protect human life and property.

Firefighters from the Imperial Valley were among them.

For more than a month, Valley firefighters have joined crews from throughout California—and even international crews—to slow a wildfire that has scorched more than 450,000 acres

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