Draft Study Highlights Options for Conveyance of QSA water, regional benefits to Southwest

The graphic shows three routes for a proposed alternative conveyance system to move conserved transfer water under the Quantification Settlement Agreement. Under Phase A of a two-year Regional Conveyance System Study by the San Diego County Water Authority, the three routes were reviewed, and a draft report released June 12 shows that building such a conveyance system is both cost competitive as a long-term approach to conveying conserved QSA water and could bring multiple benefits to stakeholders in California, in particular the Southwest.

A draft report released June 12 by the San
Diego County Water Authority shows that building a new conveyance system to
transport regional water supplies from the Colorado River Quantification
Settlement Agreement is cost-competitive with other long-term options for
meeting the region’s water needs.

The draft Phase A report is under review by
water officials across the region. The Water Authority’s Board of Directors is
expected to decide whether to move to Phase

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