State’s SCH project moves forward at Salton Sea—a positive sign as a new year begins

In this photo from the California Natural Resources Agency, the early phases of construction of the Species Conservation Habitat Project, a critical component of the state’s Salton Sea Management Program, get underway at the southeast corner of the sea. The project will lead to the building of over 4,100 acres of ponds meant to support fish life, which in turn is meant to preserve the sea for migratory birds while helping to protect human health from exposed playa.

As 2021 kicks off, there is going to be a lot to discuss in blogs on this IV-San Diego Currents site—a site dedicated to sharing information on critical water issues as well as community features that showcase people, organizations and programs all making a difference in the Imperial Valley. For today’s blog, there is some positive news to report from the California Natural Resources Agency’s (CNRA) Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP). Work

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