Hildy Carrillo—a leader in Calexico and an Advocate for Culture

Hildy Carrillo, executive director of the Calexico Chamber of Commerce, shows some of the artwork that is such a critical part of her life.

To walk into the office of Calexico Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Hildy Carrillo is to instantly recognize all that matters to her from the photographs of her family, including her new granddaughter, to the stacks of materials for the city’s annual Mariachi Festival, to her own artwork, a dazzling display of various mediums that have become a form of release and expression.

That office is very much a microcosm of her life—a balance of roles that co-mingle in a way that is both business like and eclectic but always with an eye toward what is best for the city, the chamber, family, friends and the culture she holds dear.

As a chamber executive, she is in charge of marketing local business and building, maintaining and serving

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