Leon Lesicka’s Calling: An Effort To Preserve Wildlife, Protect the Desert and Cleanse Waterways

Brawley resident and Imperial Valley native Leon Lesicka is pictured with the book, Leon’s Desert, which was penned by former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter about Lesicka’s work as a conservationist in the Imperial Valley desert.

For more than 30 years the name Leon Lesicka has been associated with conservationism in the Imperial Valley desert from providing water holes that have allowed wildlife to thrive to maintaining a healthy environment and clean waterways.

And at age 84, the man former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter dubbed “America’s Greatest Conservationist” is not ready to slow down.

His current undertaking: the building of a ten-acre wetlands on the Alamo River in Holtville, a project funded through a recent $3 million federal grant administered by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, that will clean the water flowing through the river and ultimately improve the quality of drainage flows to the Salton Sea.

It is the latest wetlands project

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