New Year Brings Important Milestones and Developments; Represents an Opportunity to Forge a Positive Path Forward

An image of the All-American Canal in the Imperial Valley taken at sunrise.

This new year is a critical one in several ways, bringing with it challenges but also opportunities to determine a path forward when it comes to protecting water supplies for both the needs of today and generations to come. As 2021 rolls forward, it is worth looking at some of the key milestones this year. As we think about this year and by extension the years to come, it is also important to consider the efforts of current and past generations who have found a way to work through controversy, come together and take steps meant to preserve this essential natural resource so that today we have a foundation to build upon.

One important milestone this year is that the conserved water transfer agreement between the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) and the San Diego County Water

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