Proposition 68 Brings Critical Funding for Salton Sea and Sends Message to the State

Pictured is the shore of the Salton Sea. California voters on June 5 approved Prop. 68, which includes $200 million in restoration funding for the sea. The funding will help advance the state’s Salton Sea Management Program, a phased approach to restoration.

In a vote that was as important for its message as the funding it appropriates, California voters on June 5 supported Proposition 68, the $4.1 billion water bond that specifically included $200 million for Salton Sea restoration. That funding will support the ten-year phase one list of projects under the state’s Salton Sea restoration plan known as the Salton Sea Management Program (SSMP).

Coupled with $80 million for the sea from a previous bond, the $200 million moves the state closer to achieving its ten-year target of addressing 30,000 acres of exposed playa. Another

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