A Year in Review—and Hope for the Year to Come

The above image includes a collage of photographs from the water-related issues covered on the Home Page water blog of this website and the Community Spotlight section of the site.

As 2021 ends, and we look toward a new year that will undoubtedly bring challenges—but also hope—this blog post seeks to reflect on the year from the standpoint of water and community stories covered.

It goes without saying that 2021 was a difficult year as COVID-19 continued its grasp on all aspects of life. Even in the face of the pandemic, the work of providing water as an essential service continued for every agency with the responsibility of making sure their constituents have the water they need to sustain their communities, farms and businesses. This past year highlighted the challenges statewide and throughout the Colorado River Basin associated with providing that water service in the face of a

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The Salvation Army Bell Ringers Are a Welcome Tradition in The Valley

Major Jessica Doria (right) of The Salvation Army, El Centro office, shares a moment with Maria Hernandez, 94, of El Centro, who has been a bell ringer for The Salvation Army for 10 years. Hernandez, who said her faith guides her service as a bell ringer, is stationed at the El Centro Vons Monday through Friday throughout the holiday season.

For Maria Hernandez, the holiday season is a special time for many reasons, but there is one tradition that makes this time of year even more meaningful for the 94-year-old El Centro resident.

Hernandez is a bell ringer for The Salvation Army—has been for the last ten years.

Every day, Monday through Friday, no matter how warm or cold, she takes her spot in front of her city’s Vons and begins the work that she believes brings hope to all those greeted with the sound of her bell

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