Pioneers’ Museum’s Director Continuing To Share The Valley’s Story – In New Ways

Pioneers’ Museum Director Caitlin Chávez is pictured by a statue of Mobley Meadows, the first sheriff of Imperial County, in front of the museum. Chávez began her tenure as the museum’s director in January.

Standing in the center of a great hall within the Imperial Valley’s Pioneers’ Museum, one is surrounded by a massive historic pipe organ from 1904, a gallery that celebrates the region’s cattle industry, and another that celebrates the history of the Imperial Irrigation District and the work of pioneers to bring the waters of the Colorado River to the Valley.

All of it tells the story of the Imperial Valley, and it’s a story that Caitlin Chávez, who has served as the museum’s director since January, wants to share in a way that brings this history to life and reminds anyone who visits the museum just how incredible this history is.

“It’s a turn-of-the-century,

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