Ask Darren


I enjoy the Community Spotlight page on this website. I look forward to the stories each month and have learned a lot about the people you have featured and what they do in our communities. But I am wondering if it is possible to suggest people who would also make great features? Is there a way to get a name to you? Thank you.


I appreciate your question and your kind words regarding the Community Spotlight page. This page has become a central feature of the website, and I think it is a very important one because it gives me a chance to highlight deserving people in the Imperial Valley and tell their story. And that way, San Diego-area readers also have a chance to learn about people in the Valley. To answer your question, yes, there are several ways to nominate someone to be featured on the page. First, at the bottom of the page itself is a section where you can nominate someone, and it will go directly to me, Darren Simon. You can also send me an email at Finally, feel free to call me at my El Centro office, 760.337.1386. I will try to get to your nomination as quickly as possible. And keep in mind, this special part of the website was designed to be interactive, so that you would send me nominations. That way, the page will see a wider variety people doing important work in the Valley. Again, thank you for your interest and look forward to hearing from you… and others.