Tauler: Assigned The Task of Meeting Calexico’s Reading, Cultural and Recreational Needs

Calexico Community Services Director Sandra Tauler is pictured at the Camarena Memorial Library. In her role, she is responsible for the city’s library, recreational and cultural services.

Sandra Tauler is a woman whose mind is constantly focused on the future. In her own words: “I am always running to the future because I am always thinking ahead.”

In her work for the city of Calexico, she has to concentrate on the future. It’s how she prepares programming to meet the needs of residents of all ages in a city where the population tops 35,000 and is growing.

Tauler is the city’s community services director, a role that has her in charge of the Calexico library, cultural arts center and recreational services. She and her staff serve thousands year-round. Non-stop work that requires managing the city’s resources, securing grants and donations and developing new ways to serve the Valley’s most southern city

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