Water Summit Panelists Speak Of Hope For The Salton Sea

Panelists at the Desert Sun’s water and energy summit held Jan. 11 in Palm Springs discuss the future of the Salton Sea under the State’s Salton Sea Management Program. Pictured (from left to right) are Phil Rosentrater, executive director of the Salton Sea Authority, E. Joaquin Esquivel of the State Water Resources Control Board, Antonio Ortega of Imperial Irrigation District and Kim Delfino with Defenders of Wildlife. Bruce Wilcox, California Natural Resources Assistant Secretary in charge of Salton Sea Policy, also took part on the panel.

On Thursday, Jan. 11., representatives from parties engaged in the Salton Sea struck an optimistic tone regarding the Sea’s future during a water and energy summit sponsored by the Desert Sun newspaper, held in Palm Springs. The Salton Sea has continuously been a key focus of the annual summit, but this year was different—more positive—and

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An Overview Of The QSA Milestones That Will Be Ushered In This New Year

A farm field in the Imperial Valley is irrigated with sprinklers in December 2017. Sprinkler irrigation is one of the on-farm conservation measures farmers are implementing as part of the Water Transfer Agreement between the Imperial Irrigation District and the San Diego County Water Authority. The conservation program, funded by the Water Authority and implemented by IID and local farmers, is crucial to the success of the Quantification Settlement Agreement. In 2018 all conservation under the QSA and water transfer will be done through on-farm and system conservation methods.

In ringing in a new year, there is much to discuss in the world of water, specifically when it comes to the Colorado River, the Quantification Settlement Agreement (QSA), and the Water Transfer Agreement between the Water Authority and the Imperial Irrigation District. This year, 2018, brings with it critical milestones

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Water Authority Extends Key Agreement For Ten Years; A Move That Supports The Water Transfer with IID

Pictured is the San Diego County Water Authority’s headquarters in Kearny Mesa where the Water Authority Board voted Thursday, Dec. 7, to extend a key agreement with Metropolitan Water District of Southern California for the conveyance of conserved transfer water.

In a unanimous decision that upholds the Water Transfer Agreement between the San Diego County Water Authority and the Imperial Irrigation District (IID) through 2047, the Water Authority Board of Directors on Thursday, Dec. 7, extended a key agreement for the conveyance of the conserved transfer water. The action represents a critical milestone in the water transfer and the Quantification Settlement Agreement, ensuring the continuation of a reliable water supply to the San Diego region and the funding to IID that supports the district’s conservation program.

At issue was the Exchange Agreement between the Water Authority and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). When IID and

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